Reader Question: Will there be more Sons of the People Novels?

In response to a recent newsletter, a reader asked the following question:

I was just wondering if you plan on writing any more Sons of the People books? I like Say Yes very much. -- Melissa

The short answer is, "Yes, I'm planning on it," but there's a little more to it than that.

Levi Ewart, the hero of Say Yes, first appeared in Tempered (Daughters of the People, Book 3.5). Not long after, he started wiggling his way into my mind and would not leave me alone until I gave him his own story.

The result was my longest book to date. At a hefty 127,000 words, Say Yes is far longer than the novel in which Levi first appeared. I worked on it in my spare time over about nine months, writing a scene here and there, with a hard push to finish it when I knew the story was winding down.

I'm quite pleased with the way Levi's story turned out. On the one hand, it afforded an opportunity to more deeply explore Sons' roles among the People and the dynamics between Sons and their female kin.

On the other hand, Say Yes introduced some really great characters, including Heath, Jordan, and Colin, Levi's closest friends. While none of those characters has pushed at me (yet) to create stories for them, the idea of doing so has percolated in my mind since well before I finished the first draft of Say Yes.

Now, when I originally planned out the Daughters of the People Series, I envisioned a story arc told over seven books, no more, no less. At the time, it didn't occur to me that I might want to continue writing in the story world, or that potential readers would want me to.

Nearly four years later, I've added two books to the original seven, published a handful of short stories through my newsletter, and published the first novel in a spinoff series.

About three books into writing the Daughters of the People Series, my son and I brainstormed another spinoff series, well before Levi was even a glimmer in my mind. That series was to take place upon the conclusion of the Daughters of the People Series and would deal with the aftermath of the events detailed therein from the perspectives of members of the High Guard.

At this point, though, I have ideas for many more stories, including a standalone novel featuring two recurring characters, plus three other novels in the Sons of the People Series. Yes, three, featuring Ruby and Jordan, Heath and Dierdre, and Petey. If I write everything I'm considering, this is the approximate release order of all stories in that world, beginning with the first stories:

  • Daughters of the People Series (with Say Yes in the middle)
  • Ruby and Jordan's story (Sons of the People, Book 2)
  • Short story collection
  • Standalone novel
  • High Guard spinoff series (seven books)
  • Heath and Dierdre's story (Sons of the People, Book 3)
  • Petey's story (Sons of the People, Book 4)

Don't get too excited. The only stories I've even tentatively committed to writing are Ruby and Jordan's, the short story collection, and the standalone novel. Whether I'll write the rest depends entirely on whether or not I can muster enough interest from readers to justify the writing time and expense of publication.

Oh, and, by the way, I haven't forgotten Colin. (I know you thought I had!) His story, if it gets told, will be included in the High Guard spinoff series, probably in the last entry. Other familiar characters will also make appearances, including Margaret, Rebecca the Blade's eldest living daughter.

I'm not promising anything, but these are the stories I'm considering while I finish out the books I already have more firmly planned. If you're wondering, that includes the last three novels in the Daughters of the People Series, which I know fans are eager to get their hands on. It won't be long now; The Gathering Storm (officially Book 6) is scheduled for release this coming January.

Thanks for the question, Melissa. I hope this post answered your question!