Now Available: The Gathering Storm

The seventh installment (officially Book 6) of the Daughters of the People Series is finally here, after a wait of more than two years. I know! The next book will (I hope) be out in a much more timely manner, but for now, I hope you enjoy Will and Sigrid's story.

The Gathering Storm is available at Amazon and through its Kindle Unlimited program. If you haven't had a chance to sneak a peek yet, the first scene is up on the book's page, along with the description. A print edition is forthcoming.

If you're new to the series, the first book is currently free on Amazon.

Many, many thanks to the readers who've toughed out the long wait, and to the reviewers who were enthusiastic about reading and reviewing The Gathering Storm. If you're interested in progress on the next book, hop over to my personal blog where I do a semi-regular post (Book and Author News) on that sort of thing.

Until the next book, happy reading!

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