Reader Question: Will There Be More Pruxnae Stories?

Yesterday, a reader asked if I plan on continuing The Pruxnae Series, and while I answered that question on this blog after The Choosing was released, and more recently on my personal blog, I think it’s fair to have an update here for readers who are new to NetVerse.

First, though, let me back up and tell you a secret to reading the books, and that is: You don’t have to read them in order.

To be more specific, you don’t have to read them in the numbered order. Instead, I suggest starting with The Choosing and reading whichever book you want after that. The stories actually work better in this order:

In reality, though, as long as you start with The Choosing, the other books can be read in any order. If you read A Warrior’s Touch before reading Alien Mine, be aware that there are a few very small spoilers in the former for the latter story, since chronologically Alien Mine‘s story takes place before A Warrior’s Touch.

Ok, whew. Did you get all that? Great, because I know the next thing you’re wondering is: What about Tyelu?

Sweet Surrender

The very first question readers asked after The Choosing‘s release was, “Is Tyelu getting her own story?”

And my answer to that has always been a resounding yes.

I know there’s been a very, very long gap between releases under this pen name, but I promise you, I’m still working on these story worlds, in this case Sweet Surrender (Tyelu’s story). As a matter of fact, I’ve already partially developed it and have written the opening scene.

While I’m mulling over Sweet Surrender‘s plot and characters (plus vocabulary and technologies for new cultures), I’m busily working on the penultimate novel in the Daughters of the People Series. I would very much like to finish it and the last novel before turning my attention to another story world, but I’m getting a little ahead of myself here.

What’s next after Sweet Surrender?

No matter what, there’s no way I can wrap up some of the events of NetVerse in just one story, the increasing activity of the Sweepers, for one. What in the world are those guys up to?

Well, that question may be partially answered in Sweet Surrender, but it’s too large of a problem to be covered in just one book. I know readers would really like to read more Pruxnae stories, but in order to be true to the overarching story (especially the Sweepers), I really need to branch off in another direction and start a whole new, related series.

Sweet Surrender partially sets this new series up by introducing us to Jos Q’Mhel. Yes, the Q mercenaries return in Sweet Surrender, but they’re not all domineering brutes like Benar Q’Mhel, Dyuvad’s brother. Jos is really a sweetie at heart, and thanks to his interaction with Tyelu, we really get an up close and personal look at the secretive Q and their culture.

To bridge the gap between The Pruxnae Series and whatever comes next, I hope to write another Christmas novella starring Fate Hunter, who appeared as a somewhat major character in Alien Mine.

Now, I don’t want to give too much away, but if you’ve been following any of my blogs for a while, then you may remember that I mentioned researching dating websites a while back. Fate is why. His story promises to be both hilarious, in a way only he can be, and touching with a hint of danger thrown in for good measure.

I’ve had Fate’s story in my head for so long, I finally had to start developing it late last year. I don’t plan on actually writing it until I finish the four books I have planned (two Daughters of the People novels, Sweet Surrender, and a novel for another pen name). We’ll see what happens when the time draws near for me to decide what I’m going to do after my major series are finally published in completion.

But what about the Pruxnae?

I do have two other stories I’d like to write that are distinctly Pruxnae, one for Enel ab Awd, a minor character in The Choosing, and another for Ledeg ab Tibri, a minor character in Thief of Hearts.

Will these absolutely be written? No idea. That depends on time and the desire to work on them, which in turn depends on inspiration (i.e. how strongly I feel about the stories). During the past two, painfully slow writing years, I’ve learned to never promise stories I’m not genuinely excited about. When I write stories because I have to or they’re expected (rather than because I’m really enthusiastic about them), A Warrior’s Touch happens. I know many readers enjoyed that one, but I most certainly did not, and it shows. So, now I write for the love of the story or not at all.

That said, if there’s a character you really, really like, comment below or email me and let me know. First, it’s always interesting to see how readers react to the characters running around in my head and heart, and second, your comments may spark an idea that will, down the road, morph into a really awesome story. So tell away! I’m happy to hear from you at any time about anything. Seriously!

Until then, happy reading.

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