Daughters of the People Omnibus Two (Books 3.5-5)

An ancient curse, a lost prophecy, and the deadliest enemy a Daughter can face: Her own heart.

In this three-book collection, three immortal descendants of the Seven Sisters battle to save their people from a curse laid down upon them nearly ten thousand years ago.

Book 3.5: Tempered
For Hawthorne the Chronicler, a strong arm and a sharp blade have always been her primary recourses against a cold and callous world. When her untrusting heart is tempted by handsome comic book illustrator Aaron Kesselman, Hawthorne learns that those may not be the best weapons in her arsenal, particularly when her family is targeted by a member of the Eternal Order.

Book 4: In All Things, Balance
Moira Firebrand is intrigued by Tom Fairfax, the man her mother tasked with sorting through the IECS Archives for clues to the near-mythical Sanctuary. Nothing is ever as easy as it should be. The Archives is in disarray, odd artifacts show up in the strangest places, and Moira’s own past wedges its way between her and Tom, the one man she believes may have the strength to capture her heart.

Book 5: Sanctuary
Jerusha Mankiller and Drew Martin continue the People’s search for Sanctuary and the Bones of the Just, and find their own sanctuary along the way.

Three women, three challenges, three loves, at a time when the People stand at the crossroads between two paths, one leading to salvation, the other to their utter destruction.

 Published by Bone Diggers Press, copyright 2015.

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