Daughters of the People Omnibus One (Books 1-3)

An ancient curse, a lost prophecy, and the deadliest enemy a Daughter can face: Her own heart.

In this three-book collection, three immortal descendants of the Seven Sisters battle to save their people from a curse laid down upon them nearly ten thousand years ago.

Book 1: The Prophecy
Maya Bellegarde journeys to Sweden on behalf of the People. There, she meets James Terhune, an attractive language expert. Together, they must uncover the secrets of the grave and protect them from an ancient enemy, and Maya must decide whether or not to trust James with her deepest secret.

Book 2: Light's Bane
When Daniella Nehring teams up with Dave Winstead to track down and recover stolen artifacts, her task is complicated by the attraction sparking between her and the stalwart undercover FBI agent, and by her own sinister heritage.

Book 3: The Enemy Within
Indigo Dupree and Bobby Upton are drawn into a deadly game involving the Prophecy of Light, forcing Indigo to choose between her duty and her heart.

Three women, three challenges, three loves, at a time when the People stand at the crossroads between two paths, one leading to salvation, the other to their utter destruction.

 Published by Bone Diggers Press, copyright 2015.