Cover Reveals: Three 2018 Releases

I had the pleasure of revealing the covers of three 2018 releases to my mailing list a few days ago, and was literally in the middle of adding the covers to the website so I could do a cover reveal here when Hurricane Irma's winds took down a power line near my house. Thankfully, that was the only damage on my property, other than a lot of small tree limbs being knocked down.

Others were not so fortunate. If you have a little time and money, please consider donating to hurricane relief efforts like the mini-competition between the Knoxville, TN police department and the Gainesville, FL police department, then come back here for the cover reveals.

Back already? Great. Here we go...

I spent my powerless night writing a scene from The Gathering Storm (due out in January) and half a scene for a short story, then split my time between developing other stories and series, and reading. The next day, I drove down the mountain and spent the rest of the week with my editor, who lost power only briefly.

All that to say, my apologies for not having this to y'all sooner. Hopefully the wait was worth it.

Now, on to the big reveal, three covers for books I'll be releasing in 2018.

First up is Redemption, the penultimate entry in the Daughters of the People Series, featuring bad gal India Furia and former Delta Forces Operator Hiro Okada.

India and Hiro first appeared in The Enemy Within, the third book of the series, which centered on the romance between India's sister Indigo Dupree and one of Hiro's best friends, Bobby Upton.

Redemption is one of the stories I worked on developing after my power went out. No spoilers, but it's going to be a bumpy ride, which should come as no surprise to readers familiar with India's temperament. 

Next up is War's Last Refuge, the final book in the Daughters of the People Series. 

I absolutely refuse to release the names of the main characters in this one, but readers who haven't already figured it out (I've tried to be subtle) will know by the end of The Gathering Storm

My hope is to release the last three books in the series back to back to back, either one or two months apart beginning in January 2018. Given that I haven't started developing War's Last Refuge and expect it to be longer than the other books in the series, I'm making no promises on exact release dates beyond The Gathering Storm.

Finally, Sweet Surrender (The Pruxnae, Book 5) is slotted for a 2018 release. 

When I first published The Choosing, in which the Pruxnae were introduced, I had no idea so many readers would devour it, and want more. The most requested story for any character was for Tyelu af Alna, Ryn abid Alna's sister. Those of you who have waited for her story for so long (more than two years now!) can start counting the days. Tyelu's story is on its way, hopefully by summer of next year, depending on how long it takes to complete War's Last Refuge and a book promised to readers of another pen name.

What can you expect from Sweet Surrender? More Sweepers, more Net 'paths, more on the Q, and an awesome romance.

Given the slow release schedule of the last couple of years, y'all may be wondering if I'm only publishing four books in 2018. I certainly hope not! Right now, I have several other books on the schedule, but I'm holding off on announcing which ones exactly until I get The Gathering Storm, Redemption, War's Last Refuge, and Sweet Surrender finished. Those books round out the series I'm already committed to writing. After they're done, I'll decide on a direction and announce it here.

Now, that's not to say that I don't have ideas, because I do. I outlined a few of those in a recent post on the Sons of the People Series

So much for possible future books set in the world of the People, but what about the Pruxnae? Long story short, since expanding that story world from the original book (The Choosing), I've always planned for the Pruxnae Series to be limited, or at least for the story line to continue in another series, one that could focus more on the brewing war.

If I decide to continue that story line, it would first be in a Christmas novella featuring Fate Hunter of Alien Mine. This is one of the stories I began developing when the power went out. I feel pretty strongly about it, so chances are good it will eventually be written and published.

Fate's story would kick off a new series which would delve more deeply into why the Sweepers are attacking, and also into the mysterious Net telepaths and their origins, as well as the equally mysterious Q. Possible stories after Fate's may have a decidedly cyberpunk feel.

Now, one final question answered: Will there be other Pruxnae stories beyond those previously mentioned, that may or may not deal with the Sweepers? 

Possibly. Enel ab Awd, the sweet widower from The Choosing, is a possible candidate for having his own story, as is Ledeg ab Tibri, Gared ab Einif enig Alna's childhood friend, mentioned in Thief of Hearts. I've also seriously considered doing a series about the Great Migration, but don't hold your breath. I have at least a dozen stories lined up to write before then.

And since the only way to get those written is to, you know, write, I should get to it. Here's hoping all of you are well, and for those in Harvey and Irma's paths, please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you.