Preorder The Gathering Storm (Daughters of the People, Book 6)

I'm a little late making this announcement (the holidays were so busy!), but The Gathering Storm, the next Daughters of the People novel, is finally available for preorder over at Amazon.

This one has been a long time coming. It's been over two years since Sanctuary, the last novel of the People, was published, and I know readers are anxious to see what happens with the continuing story.


If you haven't already, you may want to sign up for my Fantasy/Paranormal mailing list, as I'm releasing the first three chapters there to my most loyal readers. The first one went out this past week, but if you missed it, no worries. I'm including a link to previous chapters in subsequent emails.

Here's the blurb:

Born a Viking and an immortal warrior of the People, Sigrid Glyvynsdatter has spent her entire life chasing wars and men, not necessarily in that order. Now one of the People's leading geneticists, she longs for the thrill of battle and the spoils of war. Even her work on the recently discovered Bones of the Just isn't enough to break the routine boredom she's fallen into.

Until Will Corbin snags her attention with a stolen kiss.

Will has been watching Sigrid from behind the bar of his parents' pub since she walked through its doors two years ago. In a fit of exasperation, he dares to kiss the woman he's wanted for so long, risking her wrath and his life. 

But will that one kiss lead to something more, or will the forces aligned against them destroy the fragile attraction stretching between Will and Sigrid before they can fall in love?

The first scene is up on the book's page, but again, you can get the entire first three chapters by signing up for my newsletter. And, of course, you can preorder The Gathering Storm on Amazon.